Best Roof Shingles for Iowa City, IA

Rain, shine, snow, sleet- there’s not just one kind of weather in Iowa City, IA. Similarly, there’s no one type of shingle that goes on your roof. An experienced Iowa City roofing contractor will tell you: there’s a difference between a good shingle and a bad one.

Just like you wouldn’t hire the wrong man for the job, you wouldn’t put the wrong shingles on your roof. But how do you tell the difference?

Continue reading to learn which shingles are the Iowa City roof repair go-to for roof safety.

Asphalt Shingles

There are plenty of different types of shingles for your roof. However, the absolute best roof-ready set of shingles you can get for your money is the asphalt shingle.

However, the asphalt shingle is not the roofing standard for its affordability alone, but also its durability. The asphalt shingle is a three-layered tile of asphalt that can last up to 20 or 23 years without being damaged or cracking. On top of all this, asphalt shingles can be found just about anywhere in the case of an emergency repair, making this the best roof shingle option for any Iowa City roofing company. 

Asphalt vs. Metal Roofing Protection

There are certainly stronger materials to protect your roof with when it comes to the elements. If you’re willing to pay for them, they’re yours.

Metal roofing tiles, seams, and other forms of metal shingles are extremely useful in keeping the worst weather out of your home and protecting against debris. However, it is generally not worth the installation cost for only a small protection boost over an asphalt roof.

An asphalt roof is nearly as indestructible by the force of nature as a metal roof is. The only difference is that you’ll probably end up breaking the bank on a new metal roof, as opposed to the easily accessible and inexpensive asphalt roof. Depending on the type of metal shingle, your bill will probably start at about $400 per square foot when installing your roof.

Decorative Shingles

Similar to how different materials protect better against the elements, there are better-looking shingles than asphalt shingles. 

Though shingles can be wooden, made of clay, or other composites, neither of these are capable of protecting your home the way an asphalt roof does. If decoration is a priority, nothing is stopping you from having the asphalt roof tiles cut in a specific style to look more cosmetically appealing!

Talk to your roofing expert to determine the best for style, color, and design.

Invest in Your Roof Wisely

Start cutting down costs on future Iowa City roof repair today! Switch to more affordable options and better protection coverage when you install new asphalt shingles, the smartest shingle in Iowa City roofing. 

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