Beware of Storm Chasers After Big Storms in Iowa City

Unfortunately, one of the realities of living in Iowa is that homes often face severe weather. If your property shows signs of damage after a storm, you may find a storm chaser knocking at your door with promises of affordable, effective roof repair. But what are storm chasers, and should you take them up on their offers?

Read this guide to learn more about identifying storm chasers and why you should choose a qualified Iowa City roofing company for the job instead.

What Are Storm Chasers?

You may have heard the term “storm chasers” in reference to people who follow severe weather to study it. However, the term in this context refers to roofing contractors who follow bad weather to find work. Because roof damage often follows storms, they have more opportunities to find people who need repairs.

Storm chasers pale in comparison to any established Iowa City roofing contractor.

Why You Should Steer Clear of Storm Chaser Roofing Contractors

At first glance, storm chasers might seem like a great deal. However, these individuals use their apparent convenience to rope in new victims.

These individuals are essentially scammers. Though they may seem as helpful as an ordinary Iowa City roofing contractor, they will almost always do minimal repairs that leave your home susceptible to further damage. Because they will follow the next bout of bad weather, they won't be around to fix the problems that inevitably follow.

Some storm chasers will even go as far as damaging your property themselves during the consultation process. It's important to only get your Iowa City roof repair from an established company where you can check its credentials and reviews..

Checking for Damage After Severe Weather

Before you contact anyone about Iowa City roof repair, you need to perform a thorough check of your property. For your roof, this means looking for:

• Asphalt granules in your gutters

• Dents in gutters or other structures

• Shingle damage visible from the ground

• Your car or other parts of your property were damaged

How to Avoid Scammers and Get Quality Iowa City Roof Repair

Storm chasers are nothing to be afraid of if you know how to spot a scammer. Watch out for these warning signs if a traveling contractor contacts you:

• They're seeking work directly at your door.

• They ask for a cash payment upfront.

• An inspection causes more damage.

• They offer to pay your deductible — this is insurance fraud and illegal.

You should only trust licensed professionals when it comes to repairing your home. A good Iowa City roofing company will not display any of these concerning signs and will work with your insurance adjuster before starting a repair.

Protect Your Home and Money With a Little Mindfulness

Storm chasers will try to convince you that their quick consultations or repairs are a smart choice, but they'll almost always do more harm than good. If you notice or suspect damage to your roof after severe weather, get in touch with your insurance company and a reputable Iowa City roofing contractor. Using an Iowa City roofing company with experience and great reviews will ensure your home's covering gets the best repairs for a reasonable price.

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