Four Signs You Need to Replace Your Roof

If you’re new to homeownership, you may be unsure whether it’s time to replace your home's covering. Most roofing materials are designed to go the distance, but long-term exposure to the elements will eventually take its toll. Replacing a home's covering can be a tedious endeavor, but it's often necessary to prevent major damage or the entire collapse of your structure. There are several tell-tale signs your roof is nearing the inevitable replacement stage, and we'll explore four of the most common ones below.

1. Your Structure is Getting Old.

Most roofing often lasts anywhere between 20 and 30 years. Some materials like metal can last as long as 60 years. If your wood or slate shingles are nearing the 20-years-old mark, it is time to consider hiring an Iowa City roofing company to replace your home's covering.

Remember, the weather plays a huge part in how long a home's covering will last. If the weather is harsh and your home's covering hasn't received regular maintenance , it may need replacing even sooner — after around 12 years.

2. You See Algae and Moss.

Iowa City roof repair specialists can agree that the appearance of algae or moss over most of your structure's surface is a sure sign that some maintenance, if not a full replacement, is necessary. This kind of growth shows there is a lot of moisture in your structure, which means potential leaks and structural damage. Get in touch with an Iowa City roofing contractor as soon as possible, as they can offer the best advice on how to proceed.

3. You Notice Worn Shingles.

Worn shingles are more likely to let in water, which is one of the main causes of structural damage. Damaged shingles appear bent rather than flat and may even have some breakage. You may also notice missing granules. It is certainly time for some Iowa City roof repair if your shingles are looking worse for wear.

4. There is Flashing Damage.

Flashing — the thin metal around gutters, pipes, vents, and beneath shingles — defends against moisture. It can sustain damage from the weather, ice, use of cleaning chemicals, or age. If your flashing is bent, rusted, lifting, or has missing sections, then its condition is compromised. An Iowa City roofing contractor will be able to tell you how bad the damage is and how intensive your repairs need to be.

Is It Time to Replace Your Roof?

If your home's covering shows any of the above signs, it may require replacement. It’s best to contact a qualified Iowa city roofing company for a quote and expert advice. Waiting only means more time for things to go wrong. Make the call today to prevent any damage from escalating.

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