How To Choose The Right Roof Color

When you replace your Iowa City roofing, you'll want to choose your next color carefully. It can have a significant impact on your home's energy bills and can affect the way your home appears in contrast to the rest of your home as well as with your neighbors' homes.
  For more information about how you can choose the best color for your new Iowa City roofing, read on!

Best Color and Material For Energy Efficiency

It has been shown that dark colors absorb and contain more heat than lighter colors. To be energy efficient, you should choose a color that is not so dark that your home heats up in the summer but still dark enough that you can keep warm in the winter without blasting the heater.

  Always consult your Iowa City roofing contractors before making your final decision. Still, colors like gray or red are good options as they are not extremely dark or light colors.
  In addition to color, the material you choose may have a significant impact as well. Shingles are very breathable and good options for regulating extreme temperatures.

  It has been shown that metal roofs are also very effective at keeping your home energy-efficient because they will reflect solar energy and heat away from your home in the summer heat. Metal is also effective in the winter because it will also insulate heat inside your attic and home during the winter months.

Colors Best Suited For Your Type of Iowa City Home

Always schedule a consultation with your Iowa City roofing company about what colors will best fit your home because they are professionals. As a rule of thumb, you can follow some of the following trends in what pairings will be aesthetically pleasing:
If you have walls with imitation stone, try using terra cotta or brown to accent the beauty of your walls. With an attractive wall siding, you don't want to be distracted by gaudy shingles on top, so go for something simple.

If you have a red brick home, a color with matching red undertones will compliment your home's siding very nicely. For example, using shades of brown or gray would be a good accent color to use. Otherwise, a neutral beige color would help keep the focus on your brick sidings.

If your home is painted with muted or neutral colors, then you are free to choose a bright color for your Iowa City roofing if you should like it! For example, a neutrally painted home with colorful shingles or tiles, like red or terra-cotta, is a great way to bring attention to your beautiful roof. 

Picking the Perfect Color

Working with your Iowa City roof repair contractors to install a new roof is very exciting because of all the possibilities available to you — but it can also be overwhelming.

Choosing the color of your new roof and the material can significantly impact your energy bills and your home's appearance. Above are some tips for selecting an appropriate and attractive roof that you will be happy with. Keep them in mind, and you will love your next roof.

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