How to Deal with Roof Wind Damage in Iowa City, Iowa 

Iowa is one of eight states that is home to the loosely defined “Tornado Alley.” Iowans know the power of a strong storm — even in a city like Iowa City. Homeowners are often surprised to learn that wind damage doesn't just come from tornados. It can arise from heavy winds too — anything over 40 mph.

Iowa City roofing contractor also know moderate winds can cause hard-to-spot damage. So, how do you deal with roof wind damage before it's too late? You bring in an expert Iowa City roofing contractor to spot the damage, provide recommendations, and plan for routine maintenance before it is too late. 

Spotting Wind Damage to the Roof

Not all winds blow the same and not all roof damage is the same either. Yes, major storms in Tornado Alley can give immediate, disastrous damage, but so can gradual destruction that builds up over time. Common issues that need Iowa City roof repair aid include:

Leaks and Loose Shingles

The shingles around the edge of the roof are particularly vulnerable to wind effects. This leads to leaks, which translates to costly water repairs if not caught early. The best way to tackle leaks and loose shingles is to bring in an Iowa City roofing company for peace of mind. 

Lifting Shingles

Moving in from the edges, wind can also cause shingles to rise up and nails to loosen. This can lead to unsightly patches and exposed decking. If whole sections come loose, you may need some Iowa City roofing maintenance.


Tornados and strong winds can send debris like branches and other objects flying. Some may take up residence on the roof or collide directly. Often it is hard to spot the structural damage caused by debris in instances like this. It can also be dangerous to get on the roof yourself, so help from an Iowa City roofing expert is ideal. 

Loose Patches

Loose patches can grow over time from a few loose shingles to a whole missing section. When the wind blows again, it spells trouble. To get an accurate assessment of what shape your roof is in after a major storm, seek the expertise of an Iowa City roofing contractor. 

Leaving Roof Damage Unattended

So, what if you postpone calling for Iowa City roof repair? Well, even if the issue is minor, it can lead to major trouble. Neglected roofs can lead to water damage, structural issues, and mold or mildew growth. Larger structural repairs are, unsurprisingly, more expensive. 

Regular inspection and maintenance are part of homeownership. By investing in routine repairs now, you save money later on. Unchecked, you could be looking at a full-scale replacement. 

Secure Protection Now 

Before anything worsens, start building a relationship with an Iowa City roofing company now. Even if the damage is minimal, it is still the piece keeping you dry, safe, and warm. Aid from an Iowa City roofing contractor gives you peace of mind in knowing things are looking up.

Contact an Iowa City roofing contractor today and secure protection for your property! 

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