Steps to Detect and Patch a Roof Leak

Are you worried about finding leaks in your home and getting water damage? Here we have a complete guide to identifying these issues and resolving them. Read below for more information about how to deal with a leaky roof.

Risks of A Leak

When your roof leaks, you could be at risk for exterior roof shingle damage, wood warping under your roof, and stains inside your home.
If you start to see these, you should immediately consult with an Iowa City roofing company for a professional inspection and opinion. They can identify the root cause of the problems and get you the proper repairs for long-term solutions.
  Some minor leaks can be patched up for a temporary fix if you cannot get an Iowa City roof repair agency right away. Follow these steps below for how to do this.

1. Find The Leak

Leaks often appear inside your home as stained ceilings. This will help you identify the region where you will find the leak. When it is raining, you should go into your attic with a flashlight and look in that area. Look out for where the most water is on the ceiling to find the source.

2. Replace Warping Shingles

Once you have located the source of the leak, it's time to patch up the area. If you have warping tiles, these cannot be fixed, only replaced.
Replacing a shingle can be dangerous, so make sure you have safety gear on hand to keep you safe and wait for an Iowa City roofing company for help if you're unsure.
First, pull the warped shingle off. Underneath, patch up the leak with a layer of caulk and add roofing cement. While the cement is still drying, add the new shingle on top.

3. Repair Broken and Cracked Shingles

Cracking in shingles can easily be patched with a caulk gun in hand.
For a minor crack, place a line of caulk along the crack and use a piece of stiff paper or plastic to push the caulk into the gap as far as possible. This will help make the shingle waterproof again.
The case of a broken shingle is a bit more complicated because you will have to figure out how the pieces are supposed to fit together and hold the broken pieces together as you apply the caulk.

4. Fix Up The Flashing

Roof flashing is an added layer of material on your roof where the edges meet. Because it is placed at major joints in your roof, it is highly likely to develop leaks, according to Iowa City roofing contractors.
If this is where your leak is located, fill a caulk gun with roofing cement and apply it to the edges of the flashing. This should effectively reseal your home. 

Find Iowa City Roof Repair for Your Home

While some minor patching can be done yourself, it can be dangerous and ineffective if not done correctly. You should call professional Iowa City roofing sources for the best results because the professionals will be most equipped to find your home's leak and make your home waterproof again.

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