Tips on Saving Money on a New Roof in Iowa City

Buying a new roof from an Iowa City roofing company isn't cheap. Most homeowners spend between $5,415 and $11,113 on replacing or installing a new roof. 

To help you get the best deal for your Iowa City roof repair, here are five tips to saving money when looking to get your roof replaced: 

1. Do Your Homework

The first step is understanding the complexity and size of your roof. That way, you can brief the Iowa City roofing contractor properly and ensure that estimates aren't too far off when budgeting. 

If you come across the term "roofing square" while looking at estimates or researching materials, one "roofing square" equals 100 square feet of material. Also, estimates are likely to include installation fees and a cost for disposing of the old roof's carcass. 

2. Get an Inspection

Unless it's glaringly apparent that the roof needs replacing, it might be hard to place what the problem is with your roof. You probably noticed a leak or a couple of tiles blown off, but these observations often don't tell the whole story.

Your safest bet is to get an Iowa City roofing inspector to look at your roof. Theaverage cost of a roof inspection is typically $210 to $600, depending on your roof's size and the type of investigation.

An inspection can tell you if you need to get the Iowa City roofing contractor over immediately or if your roof needs some basic repairs.

3. Consider Your Roofing Options

Your costs could vary depending on the type of materials you end up using and if you'll be needing any other home improvement work alongside the roof replacement. 

If it's a new roof installation, you will want to speak with the contractor about the different materials available. Asphalt shingles tend to be the most cost-effective, but if you factor in the cost of repairs and longevity, you might find metal roofs are a more efficient option in the long run.

The different roofing materials include:

  • - Asphalt shingles (3-tab, dimensional, luxury)
  • - Wood shake
  • - Metal
  • - Tile
  • - Slate

  • 4. Get Multiple Quotes…

    Before you zone in on a particular contractor, make sure to get quotes from multiple Iowa City roofing companies.

    Ask the inspector for referrals. Also, ask your friends, neighbors, and colleagues for recommendations. Getting referrals from folks you trust is a fantastic shortcut to working with a superb roofing contractor. Plus, you get an opportunity to inspect their previous work without any pressure.

    Another excellent source is the online directories of U.S roofing providers such as the Better Business Bureau. Asides from helping you get excellent work at the best possible price, this tactic offers insights into varying ways of tackling your roof replacement project. 

    5.…Or Call the Best Iowa City Roofing Contractor

    You can save yourself time and money on step four by calling the leading Iowa City roofing company. Call us today for your Iowa City roofing repairs and replacements. 

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