6 Roofing Tips For New Homeowners

Summers in Iowa are hot and humid, so it's important to ensure your roof keeps you cool and protected. If you're a new homeowner and are navigating Iowa City roofing, you may need a helping hand. As a trusted Iowa City roofing company, these six tips will help you maintain one of the most important elements of your home.

1. Get Your Roof Inspected

Before you purchase your new home, ensure it has a roof inspection. Many house inspectors avoid heading to the covering, so you must schedule an inspection to determine how structurally safe and functioning it is. A professional Iowa City roofing contractor will conduct a thorough check for you and make sure there are no leaks or repairs needed.

2. Have Regular Maintenance

New homeowners should ensure their structures receive regular maintenance. Scheduling routine checks will ensure that any damage can be found early, therefore preserving the structure's lifespan. Your Iowa City repair technician will be able to perform these quick fixes before the issues worsen.

3. Get a Roofing Guarantee

After hiring your Iowa City roofing contractor, always ask for the correct documentation, including a roofing guarantee or warranty on the parts and labor. These papers will ensure the company you choose is trusted and reputable.

4. Research Your Structure's Style

Roofs come in all different styles and materials. Some are made from metal and clay, and some are energy efficient that help to cool your home down in the hot Iowa summers. For new homeowners unsure of what roof to go for, it's worth researching the different types and the benefits depending on your budget and needs.

5. Clean Off Dirt and Debris

Cleaning your roof regularly will prevent dirt and debris from accumulating. Excess waste can cause damage, which can lead to leaks and openings forming on the top of the structure. It can also clog up your gutters, meaning rainwater will rush upwards onto your roof rather than draining. This could cause mold and further leaks. 

6. Check Vulnerable Areas

It's not just your roof structure that needs to be regularly checked on. Attics, chimneys, vents, gutters, and skylights need to receive maintenance, as they can also be susceptible to damage. If any of these aspects become faulty, it can have a direct effect on the efficiency of your roof. 

Implement These Tips On Your Property!

New homeowners, hopefully, you're more aware of the steps needed to take to preserve the lifespan of your roof. Contact your local Iowa City roofing company for regular checks and maintenance to ensure your structure is safe and functioning all year round. 

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