Iowa City Roof Repair Guide

Homeowners spend anywhere from $300-$1500 per year on roofing repair and claims. Damage to siding, gutters, and roofing can lead to costly issues and potentially affect your home's value. 

It is vital to get a regular inspection with an Iowa City roofing contractor after storms. You should also inspect your roof every so often throughout the year. However, keep in mind that damage doesn't always come from powerful storms. It can also result from poor maintenance or general wear and tear. 

Below, we'll give you some information about the repair process. That way, you can know what to look out for and prevent some issues, saving money on Iowa City roof repair.

Identifying Roof Issues

The first part of the repair process is finding roofing problems. Your roof may be the last thing on your mind most of the time, but it's imperative to check it out regularly for issues. 

Make sure to schedule regular inspections with an Iowa City roof repair company to ensure it's performing at its best. You can also perform simple visual inspections yourself. 

Conduct inspections a few times a month, keeping an eye out for:

- Broken/missing shingles
- Cracked flashing (thin pieces of metal under shingles)
- Cracked vent booting (small pipes protruding from the roof)
- Condensation/leaks in the attic
- Asphalt shingle granules in the gutters

Finding a Reliable Iowa City Roofing Contractor

Once you or a professional has identified the source of the problem, it's time to find a reliable roofing contractor.

You may feel tempted to fix the issue yourself, but we highly recommend against it. Professional Iowa City roof repair companies will have the correct equipment and training to work on your roof and fix the problem.

Remember to get an experienced, certified, local contractor to work on your roof. A local Iowa City roofing contractor will know the best materials and techniques to use for your region's climate.

Requesting an Inspection for Damage and Leaks

Once you've selected an Iowa City roof repair company, ask them to perform an inspection. They'll identify the source of the leaks by mapping the wet area and inspecting the surface of the roof. 

Dealing with Roofing Issues

The type and extent of the damage affect what repairs the contractor will do. Once they have found the source of the problem, they will take one or more of several approaches to fix the issue:

- If the problem has damaged flashing, they'll replace it with new flashing.

- If the sealant on the shingles has become damaged, they'll caulk or tar it to seal it.

- If the vent boot is damaged, they'll remove and replace it.

- If there are broken or missing shingles, they'll replace them.

Roofing punctures are considerably more complicated. The contractor may have to reframe the entire thing or install new layers of sheathing. They may also replace the underlayment before completing the top layer to prevent water from entering.

Calling Your Favorite Iowa City Roofing Contractor

A trusted, experienced, local Iowa City roofing contractor will work on your roof and put your mind at ease. 

If you think your roof may have storm damage, call us! We are a local and trusted Iowa City roof repair company. We will inspect your roof to ensure it's safe and secure.

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